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Product Feature : Gearboxes from SHANG HO is known for its characteristic of exquisite appearance, light weight, reliable strength, high torque, precise build, and low noise.

According to the design drawing customers provided, SHANG HO manufacture the products with outstanding analysis, professional skills, and flawless delivery process.

In terms of product development, SHANG HO offers a series of service that from design to finished products, and strictly follow the specification requirement customers request.

Scope of Application : Currently, SHANG HO serve customers from various industries, including

Steel Industry, e.g. China Steel Corporation, Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Plastic Industry, e.g. Bridgestone Corporation
Machine tool Industry, e.g. China Steel Machinery Corporation
Cement Industry, e.g. Asia Cement Corporation
Railway Industry, e.g. Taiwan Railway Etc.
    • No3-TNRL Coiling Machine Gearbox
    • No4-TNRL Coiling Machine Gearbox
    • Tension Reel Gearbox
    • Plantery Gear Reducer
    • Pinch Roll Machine Gear Reducer
    • Vertical Rolling Mill Gear Reducer
    • Banbury Mixer Gear Reducer
    • Tape Machine Gear Reducer
    • Horizontal Rolling Mill Gear Reducer
  • Steel Cutter Gearbox
  • Hot Rolling Mill Gear Reducer
  • Steel Rolling Machine